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Born and raised by the Sea. Water is my primordial element.
I have a deep Respect for it and i'm amazed by its majestic Essence.
Just like Waves i'm in continuous movement, always looking for new challenges and ways to test myself and to grow as a professional and as a person.

I'm a young Creative.
Branding and Videomaking are the way i drive my ideas and my personal expression to connect with people lives, to show different perspectives, to inspire. 
Storytelling: the Core of what i do and what i love.
It 's the universal language. Powerful and Resonant because tells about something amazingly able to create bonds between humans...  Authenticity.

Life is amazing and unpredictable.
I started my Career studying human rights and taking a Law Degree. 
Although what really changed my Path was taking my Masters in Brand Design and flying to the Cosmopolitan Barcelona.
What were my passions became my Job.




Tel: +39 348 8725305

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